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CRCA District Map



CRCA Executive Board Members

The Executive Board consists of the Officers and District Representatives.


Celeste Hardester, President (District 9)
Don Simon, Vice President (District 8)
Lynda Payne, Board Chair (District 3)
Elizabeth Fischer, Recording Secretary (District 11)
Alexander Fidrych, Corresponding Secretary (District 9)
Neil Macdonell, Treasurer (District 6)

District Representatives

Margaret Ann Morris (mamorris@crca.us) - District 2
Gordon Cohen (gordon@crca.us) and Lynda Payne (lynda@crca.us) - District 3
Neil Macdonell (neil@crca.us) - District 6
Don Simon (don@crca.us) and Susan Simon (susan@crca.us) - District 8
Celeste Hardester (celeste@crca.us) - District 9
Ed Hotham (ed@crca.us) and Jill Schneider (jill@crca.us) - District 10
Elizabeth Fischer (elizabeth@crca.us) - District 11
Jim Petkovits (jim@crca.us) - District 14

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