Central Roxborough Civic Association

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Central Roxborough Civic Association District Map

This should be a map of districts.
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District Representatives

Dan Herrman (dan@crca.us) - District 1
Margaret Ann Morris (mamorris@crca.us) - District 2
Gordon Cohen (gordon@crca.us) and Lynda Payne (lynda@crca.us) - District 3
Neil Macdonell (neil@crca.us) - District 6
Michael Katra (mike@crca.us) - District 7
Don Simon (don@crca.us) - District 8
Alex Fidrych (alex@crca.us) - District 9
Elizabeth Fischer (elizabeth@crca.us) - District 11
Jim Petkovits (jim@crca.us) - District 14

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