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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2015


  • May’s general meeting will include a speaker from Community Core
  • Leverington Presbyterian Church is assembling 10000 meals this Sunday, April 12th. Sign up to volunteer!
  • Roxborough Development Corporation is hosting a networking gathering at the Hilltown Tavern on Thursday, April 16th.
  • Representative Pam Delissio will be holding a townhall meeting on April 27th in Bala Cynwyd.
  • Rockin the Ridge Car Show will be held May 9th in Gorgas Park.
  • A brochure was handed out regarding Councilman Greenlee’s proposed Earned paid sick leave.

Knight Foundation Grant

CRCA has been awarded a $20,000 grant from the Knight Foundation to develop a Neighborhood Conservation Toolkit. Sandy Sorlien came up with the idea of developing the toolkit for helping other civic associations pursue their own NCO. She also wrote the grant proposal.

Neighborhood Placemaker Grant

Wissahickon Interested Citizens Civic Association (WICA) has applied for the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Neighborhood Placemaker Grant which is offered to Philadelphia-based organizations who are seeking funding for projects that will beautify Philadelphia neighborhoods. The grand proposal is for clean-up of the rock outcropping on Ridge Avenue across from the transfer center between Deke’s BBQ traveling up to the Ridge Ave mural. They want to clean-out of this area (trees, trash, overgrowth, invasive plants, etc.) and replant with native plants and low-maintenance ground cover.

Walnut Lane Bridge Repair

Ryan Wittington of Penndot District 6 spoke about the Walnut Lane Bridge Repair. The bridge was built in 1909 and is an unreinforced concrete bridge. It will be rehabbed with deck surface replacement, drainage under the bridge will be improved. The traffic circle on the Blue Bell Hill side will get crosswalks and traffic slowing strategies. The garden within the circle will also be re done. Sidewalks will be extended into the park. Full dertours will be in place during construction which will last 6 months. It will remain open to pedestrians and bicyclists. Possible start in Spring 2016.

Presentation by Candidates for Judge of Common Pleas Count

Betsy Wahl and Chris McCabe spoke and answered questions.

Ideas for Meetings

Attendees were asked to send ideas for future meetings to

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