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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2015

5th Police District Report

5th district Community Relations Officer Charlie Kline thanked the CRCA for their donation to the children’s Christmas party. Officer Kline also introduced Lieutenant Redding. Officer Kline reported a bank burglary at 8300 Ridge Avenue and a robbery at the Food Commissary at Ridge and Manayunk Ave. He reminds all to remove valuables from cars.

PA Representative Pam Delissio

House Representative Pam DeLissio spoke of the re-districting that took effect in December 2014. She also
  • will host a Town Hall meeting on Saturday, January 31st at 10 a.m. at Cathedral Village.
  • mentioned that Committee Chairs will be named soon. The breakdown of the PA house is now 84 democrats and 119 Republicans.
  • met with local university officials regarding liquor control issues. Soon they will be meeting with the civic associations to discuss their findings and ideas.

Steep Slope Protections

The Planning Commission expert on Steep slope regulations was unable to make tonight's meeting. He will reschedule as able.

CRCA Annual Executive Board Elections

Nominations were:
Don Simon, President
Lynda Payne, Vice President
Ed Hotham, Chairman
Gordon Cohen, Treasurer
Jill Schneider, Recording Secretary
Alexander Fydrych, Corresponding Secretary

There were no nominations from the floor. Nominations were closed and board members were unanimously elected.

365 Green Lane

Roger Ross recently purchased 365 Green Lane and presented preliminary proposals for rehab and construction at this sight. He plans on adding “up” on the current floor plan. A brick driveway is planned for entry off of Manayunk Avenue. He anticipates 8-10 months until completion.

562 Dupont St

There was a presentation regarding a zoning variance sought to relocate lot lines to create two lots from three. They received a refusal from L&I because of inadequate street frontage. There is no construction involved. The majority of attendees supported the proposal. See our Zoning page for more information.

Neighborhood Conservation Overlay

Mayor Nutter signed the Central Roxborough Neighborhood Conservation Overlay. Sandy Sorlein was acknowledged as a huge contributor towards the success of this proposal.

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