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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes

June 4, 2015

Next Meeting

CRCA normally does not meet in July and August. However, if zoning issues arise, a special meeting will called.

5th District Police Report

Community Relations Officer Jones states that overall crime is down 37% in the 5th District. Ways to reduce possible break ins include lock you doors, cut back shrubs, keep outdoor lights on, remove valuables from cars. June 25th there will be a community town hall meeting at the 5th District at 7pm.

A drug house was reported by an attendee on the 500 block of Gerhard St.

Bike Race

is Sunday, June 7th.

Real Estate Tax Increase

Josh Cohen of Councilman Jones office announced that Council introduced a package of bills to increase real estate taxes ~4%; use and occupancy taxes would increase. Input is due within the next 2 weeks. The income generated from the tax would go toward the school district.

Wendy's at 5901 Ridge Avenue

Wendy's is under construction. The Zoning Board of Adjustment denied the Drive Thru, did grant a take out. Wendy’s appealed to Common Pleas Court, which overturned the ZBA. We appealed to Commonwealth Court. Case dismissed from Commonwealth court on a technicality. Our Attorney is trying to get it straightened out. Community expressed frustration.

Zoning: 502 Gerhard St.

Developer is seeking a zoning variance to build an all-residential, 14-unit building whereas the CMX-2 (commercial) zoning on the property requires commercial on the first floor. The developer were not in attendance, but rumor has it that they have scuttled this idea and will build by right. They may need off street parking. This same developer has done construction on Delmar St. The scheduled July 1st hearing may be continued.

According to the L&I Refusal, the property spans two zoning districts, CMX-2 AND RM-1. Josh Cohen of Councilman Jones Jr. office will investigate the issue.

Zoning: 468 Lyceum Ave.

Developer did not show, CRCA will automatically oppose.

446 Green Lane- corner of Green Lane and Mitchell St.

Current zoning is RSA-3 residential and NCO (Central Roxborough). A Non profit dance studio would like to obtain a use variance (Dance Studio 1st fl, and residential above.) The zoning refusal prohibits “personal service” and multiple main uses on the lot. The founder, Antoinette agreed to provide soundproofing, so as not to disturb the immediate next door neighbor. The dance studio will also close at 8:30 p.m. CRCA voted to support their request for a variance with a proviso that the 1st floor would only be used as a dance studio.

Hilltown Tavern

Roger Hillenbrand, owner of Hilltown Tavern at the corner of Lauristan and Roxborough spoke with the group. A neighbor across the street states that the noise from both inside and outside is a problem. It sounds like the bar is right on his front porch. Patrons linger outdoors at the tables after hours. He would like to know if perhaps the laws for a bar in a residential area are more strict that say, on Ridge Avenue and can these laws be enforced if they exist. A suggestion was made to turn down the music and close the windows at 9 p.m. Mr. Hillenbrand was invited to return to our October meeting for a follow up.

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