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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2015

Police Report

CRCA President, Don Simon, introduced Chris Jones, 5th District Community Relations Officer. Officer Jones reported that overall crime numbers are down, compared to this time last year with the exception of residential burglaries. Burglaries from residences are up 25%. He suggests leaving outdoor lights on, locking doors and calling 911 if you see anything/anyone suspicious. Lt. Howard, PSA 2 addressed nuisance bars, nuisance houses. When calling to report these issues, please have the location address. DeLeo’s bar is closed for “reorganization”, Peck Miller’s is up for sale Hilltown Tavern has outdoor seating LCB and L&I need to hear of complaints. Officer Jones volunteered to call to make sure they have the proper license for that. Cars on sidewalks or parked in driveways but still blocking the sidewalk, should be called in to 911. Don offered the police contact phone numbers and an anonymous complaint form.

Roxborough Development Corporation Presentation

Samantha the Marketing Manager spoke of the 2020 strategic plan survey, Over 600 surveys downloaded. Workshop will be next week. There is also a pocket park, 6168-70 Ridge Ave) survey. It includes 8 question. The will be an Art is Life Festival on May 30, 2015. All forms of art, music, paintings, crafts, performance between noon and 6pm. Held on Ridge Avenue between Green Lane and Leverington Ave.

Zoning: 480-482 Lyceum Ave

Andrew Langsom spoke of the Roxborough Town Center which needs a zoning variance. They currently have parking spaces for 11 instead of the required 13 spaces. The lot is lit with 8-10 foot LED lights from dusk to dawn. There will be landscaping and security cameras.

Zoning: 468 Lyceum Ave


CRCA Bylaw Changes

2 bylaw changes proposed, 1st change describes the “purpose” of CRCA, 2nd change involves the “appointment of officers to RDC”(propose to delete),

Philadelphia Community Corps

Philadelphia has 40-60,000 abandoned homes. They propose to deconstruct homes, rather than demolish them, in order to salvage and instruct their workforce. They combine forces with the Mural Arts Program, Philadelphia Salvage Yard and formerly Incarcerated. The goal is to get 50% of materials for re-use. Previous projects include the “LaSalle project”, home in Northeast and Ardmore area.

Philadelphia Community Corps is a 501-C-3

Next Meeting

Next CRCA meeting is set for June 4, 2015.

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