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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2015

Police Report

Community Relations Officer Jones reported that total violent crimes in our district are down 36%. Property crimes are down 10%. Day time residential burglaries are up 1%. To deter crime, if you see anything suspicious, report it. Call 911. Engage in conversation if possible. Improve outdoor lighting, look out for your neighbors, be smart about what type of boxes you put out for recycling.

The Hero Thrill Show is fast approaching. This is a fund raiser to pay for scholarships for children of fallen police and firemen.

Inside Out Art Program

Neighbor, Sid Rodriquez, asks for support toward a grant application for “Inside Out”, a program sponsored by the Philadelphia Museum of Art which places copies of paintings in visible places in our community to foster knowledge of the fine arts.

Zoning Updates

502 Gerhard St.
CRCA opposed converting the entire project to 14 residential units (current zoning requires 1st floor commercial space). ZBA denied zoning change.
4120 Terrace St and Leverington Presbyterian Church
CRCA supported the proposals for additional cell phone towers. The Zoning board of Adjustments rescheduled for a later date.
4331 Fleming St
Variance that was oppposed by CRCA was denied by ZBA.

CRCA Bylaws Changes

Previously proposed changes wre approved by voice vote.

Ridge Avenue Business District Overlay

Matt Wysong from the Philadelphia Planning Commission presented proposed zoning changes for the Ridge Avenue business district. Goal is to reflect the vision of the community via walkable, mixed use, 4 floor maximum. Take out restaurants would require a “special exception” requiring them to make a presentation to the community group and get approval by he ZBA. Drive-throughs would be prohibited. For questions and concerns regarding this proposal, contact Josh Cohen of Councilman Jones Jr.’s office or Matt Wysong at the Planning Commission.

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