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Central Roxborough Civic Association Special Meeting Minutes
July 6, 2017

Zoning: 4354 Terrace Street - variance request to legalize existing deck

Attorney Bill O’Brien presented on a proposed legalization of an existing deck at the rear of this property. The deck was built without obtaining a permit. There are architectural plans dated 4/25/2016, but the attorney indicated that the deck pre-dated the plans. He did not know the date of construction.

L&I has since issued a refusal because the rear yard depth at the 2nd floor is zero whereas zoning requires 9 feet; also the vertical supports are required to be 18 inches from the lot lines whereas they are 8” and about 1’ from the lot lines.

The property at issue is at the end of a series of townhouses. Attorney O’Brien stated that the when the deck was built, the property owner discussed it with the adjacent property owner who did not have an issue with the construction of the deck.

None of the notified neighbors attended this RCO public meeting. The ZBA hearing is scheduled for August 23, 2017.

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