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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes
September 7, 2017

Updates and Announcements

451 Green Lane

This is a house that a developer wants to demolish and replace with a triplex. CRCA opposed at the zoning board and the matter is currently on appeal in the Court of Common Pleas. Our attorney tells us the matter is ďon holdĒ for the time being.

492-96 Roxborough

This is the church and land at the corner of Roxborough & Ridge. A developer has purchased the property and plans to keep the church building but also erect additional structures on the site. They will likely be presenting at CRCAís October meeting.

6526 Ridge Avenue

Stone single house with mansard roof in Ridge Park. A developer wishes to tear down the home and build an 11-unit apartment house. They will need to seek variances for rear yard (1 foot proposed, 9 feet required under zoning code) and use. There is a public meeting to discuss the proposal on Tuesday, September 12 at 7:00 at the 5th District Police Station.

Eric Hardaway, Director of Constituent Services for Congressman Dwight Evans

Mr. Hardaway introduced himself and his associate, Julia Pitts, who work in the Philadelphia Office of Congressman Dwight Evans who represents 725,000 people in the 2nd Congressional District.

Mr. Hardaway introduced himself and his associate, Julia Pitts, who work in the Philadelphia Office of Congressman Dwight Evans who represents 725,000 people in the 2nd Congressional District.

One of the key constituent services offered by Congressman Evans is case management. If there is any Federal agency that you feel is not resolving your issue, Congressman Evanís office can assist you after you complete a Privacy Act Release Form.

Ms. Pitts explained that another important service her office provides is to log calls and contacts from constituents with their opinions on various issues or legislation. The calls are logged into a database that is then sorted and organized for the Congressmanís review. Calling is the most effective way to get your opinion heard in Washington!

Appointments (group or individual) with the Congressman in Philadelphia or DC can also be arranged by calling the Philadelphia Office. (215-276-0340). Appointments in Philadelphia fill up quickly, so book early!

They can also help you or your organization search for Federal grants that may be available.

Other projects include the Congressional App Challenge, in which high school students throughout the Congressional District compete to develop a new computer/phone app. The Winner is showcased on Congressman Evanís website and wins a trip to Washington.

The office also provides internships for college students interested in social work, political science, or health & human services.

Lastly, Mr. Hardaway described how one of Congressman Evansí jobs is to interview and nominate high school seniors for scholarships at the 4 military academies. On October 21 at Community College, Mr. Evansí office is hosting a National Service Opportunity Fair for high school students. There will be representatives from the 4 military academies, ROTC, FBI and CIA. Students who complete a ROTC program in college graduate as a 2nd Lieutenant in a reserve unit.

Police Update

Central Roxborough has a new Community Relations Officer, Maurice Scott, to replace Chris Jones.

There were two robberies recently in Upper Roxborough. Hopkins Pharmacy was robbed during business hours in the afternoon and drugs were taken. 1 arrest has been made, but 2 other perpetrators remain at large. The 7-11 nearby was also robbed in the early morning hours. The suspect was described as a black male wearing female Muslim religious attire. Money and cigarettes were taken, and the suspect is still at large.

Philadelphia Folksong Society

Justin from the Philadelphia Folksong Society provided an update on the organizationís new location at 6156 Ridge Avenue (the former Forsterís Shoe, Crossroad, Read & Eat). They are currently developing the space to make it more accessible (fully ADA accessible) and look forward to engaging the community with music lessons, concerts, and more. The Folksong Societyís annual Folk Festival was a success this year with many great acts. The Society continues to work on its Odyssey of American Music Program by which they integrate music education into the curriculum in Philadelphia public schools were there may be a lack of funding for traditional music classes. In their new location, they hope to hold yoga classes in the morning, parent-child music classes, and group and individual lessons for youth, teens and adults. They would like to host live music performances as the space, which can accommodate 75-100 people. They will need a special exception for this, so look to see them on the CRCA agenda again!

Other Updates

  • Petite Feteís request for a special exception was approved by the zoning board, and the business is now open.
  • The Zoning Board approved the variance for the proposed microbrewery and restaurant adjacent to Pocket Park.

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