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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2019

Police Update

Lt. Dwayne Gordon and Officer Maurice Scott were present. Lt. Gordon just transferred to the 5th District (the Police District encompassing Central Roxborough) and wanted to introduce himself.

Zoning: 508-10 Green Lane (World Wide Beverage)

  • Continued use as a beer distributor
  • Seeking variance to legalize existing use subsequent to parcel subdivision

Present Parties:

  • Suki Yang – Owner
  • Ryan Boland – Attorney
  • Ryan Thomas – Manager


  • Property has been in continuous use as a beer distributer since 1964 but city records don’t reflect proper zoning.
    • There’s a lack of documentation from the city.
  • The parties are present to make sure they legalize the existing use and formalize the zoning.
    • The property hasn’t transferred ownership yet.
  • This is also to ensure people aren’t parking in front of the loading zone.
  • James from the Roxborough Development Corporation was present to discuss the process of the use permit and how this shouldn’t be an issue as the company should have been grandfathered in, but wasn’t.
A poll taken after the applicant left the room showed no opposition to the variance.

Zoning: 626-28 Leverington Avenue

The applicant is seeking a variance for multiple dwelling units on an RSA-2 parcel.

Present Parties:

  • Adam Lisausky – Developer
  • Hank Clinton – Attorney
  • Rustin Ohler – Architect
  • Steve Black – Architect


  • Hank appreciates that the last meeting was civil despite the passion displayed
  • The new ZBA Hearing is scheduled for March 6 at 2pm
  • The plans being presented today have drastically changed:
    • The number of new houses is reduced from 13 to 5.
    • The original stone house will be restored; there is an add-on kitchen portion in poor repair that will be removed.
    • The new houses will no longer have roof decks.
    • There has been an additional parking space added at each home.
    • Additional overflow parking was added.
    • Drive aisle will be on the right side and will widen slightly to the lef.t
    • Side yard and rear yard have been increased.
    • A sidewalk has been added for pedestrian safety.
    • The homes are two levels with an attic space to better conform to the existing character of the neighborhood.
  • New notices will be posted and will be up 21 days prior to March 6 but will still contain language regarding the 14 units; the notices are issued and cannot be changed. The signs will be closer to the street.


  • Neighbors expressed concern regarding grading and elevation.
    • Developer and Architect stated the current grade will be followed.
    • There will be no leveling of the property as part of the revised plans.
    • Property is bell-shaped; first home on right is the highest part of the property.
    • There will be ample storm drainage which is required for a development this size.
  • Neighbor expressed concern regarding the proximity of residences to the adjacent properties and how the developer will maintain privacy.
    • Developer stated it will be on a neighbor-to-neighbor basis regarding fencing and vegetation.
  • The intention is to build and follow the grade – each property will be 30 inches above the grade wherever it sits on the site
  • Neighbor expressed concern regarding water drainage and retention.
    • Architect stated if this step is approved, they will work with a civil engineer to provide more solid information, however they do not anticipate any issues.
  • Neighbor inquired about HOA and maintenance
    • Developer and Architect stated that the residents of this development will be able to determine if a management company is hired to maintain trash, snow removal, and common areas; or if this will be responsibility of the residents.
    • Developer stated HOA documents will be clear regarding barring car work, RVs, etc.
    • Attorney explained that the HOA and settlement deed will outline limitations and responsibilities of residents and enforcement of abiding by those HOA guidelines.
    • Developer stated there will not be a dumpster.
    • Developer stated the mail will go wherever the mailboxes are located.
    • Until 2/3 of the houses are sold, the responsibilities aren’t turned over to the HOA; until that time, developer is responsible for maintenance.
  • Neighbor inquired about emergency response.
    • Developer and Architect stated they are completely compliant with hydrants and width.
  • Neighbor inquired about the current residence.
    • The existing house will remain, be restored, and sold as a single family home.
    • There are two dedicated parking spots for existing home that will be included in deed. A neighbor inquired about moving these spots to create a larger backyard for the existing house.
  • Developer stated he has heard the community and the close neighbors and has made a very conscious effort to create a plan that he feels will be beneficial to him and will meet the needs of the community. He assured that close residents will have his cell phone and he will be on site at all times.
  • Construction should take 12 – 18 months (as close to 12 months as possible).
  • Architect would like to leave existing 2 foot wall and add plants/landscaping on the right side of existing drive aisle and add a 6 foot fence surrounding property.
    • Neighbor expressed concern that the wall may not make it through construction.
    • Developer reiterated that this will probably end up being a neighbor-to-neighbor fix.
  • There is a belief that there is a buried oil tank on the property.
    • Architect stated his environmental team will properly handle all issues that they may encounter.
  • Neighbor inquired about the materials of the drive aisle and home driveways.
    • Architect stated the drive aisle will be asphalt and the driveways are proposed pavers.
  • Developer anticipates selling new homes in the 500k range.
  • Each new home is about 2800 square feet including the garage.
  • Developer has no idea regarding the sell price for the existing home.
  • Architect stated plan is to have a larger greenscape and they will work with a civil engineer.
    • Developer reiterated that he wants to keep as much greenery as possible.
  • Neighbor expressed concern regarding the safety of the current house.
    • Developer stated that the current house’s water is shut off, doors & windows are locked.
    • Electricity is still turned on.
    • Neighbor asked if the vegetation could be better maintained as it looks unkempt.
  • Attorney stated at Zoning Board Meeting, the committee will ask if anything has changed since the plans were submitted to L&I.
    • Developer will state yes, and ZB will inquire about approval process.
    • If approved, the ZB will stamp only the approved (revised) plans.
  • Architect anticipates receiving refusals for steep slope and multi-family dwelling.
  • Neighbor inquired about the drive aisle being reduced from 24 feet to 20 feet to allow for larger properties.
    • Architect stated 24 feet is a requirement and a reduction would be a variance request.
    • Developer stated that is the community agrees, he’s fine with this change; he tried to accommodate the previous requests and feedback that the drive aisle was too narrow.
    • Developer stated the porch on the first house, closest to Leverington Avenue, could also be removed with CRCA approval.

Community Discussion and Straw Polls

Per CRCA procedure, developer's team left the room and community discussion and straw polls followed.
  • A straw poll was taken for approval of revised plans with proviso to keep/restore the existing house.
    There was majority support; however, significant number of near neighbors opposed and prompted a second poll for support of 4 rather than 5 houses.
    This received a large majority of support.
  • A straw poll was taken for support of suggestion to reduce width of drive aisle from 24 feet to 20 feet.
    A majority were opposed.

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