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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes
June 6, 2019

CRCA Bylaws Amendments

  • Review of changes
  • A neighbor expressed concern about removing custodian of records responsibility from the Recording Secretary to the President
  • Proposed amendments were approved

Zoning: 4549 Silverwood

  • Between Green and Dupont
  • Steep Slope Variance (Steep slope – 25% or greater cannot be built. Entire property is above 25%)
  • Claiming a hardship because steep slope limits development
  • ZBA agreed to an additional continuance. There will be third ZBA meeting sometime in September. All materials will need to be sent to MNC, CRCA, and near neighbors
  • MNC is RCO for this property
  • Proposal: Subdivide into 3 lots; one as vacant lot; single family home on each of the other two.

Preservation Alliance

  • Recipient of Community Action Award
  • Ridge Historic District: 188 properties were certified and are now preserved

75th Anniversary of D-Day Invasion

  • Moment of Silence

Zoning: 5925 Ridge Avenue – Special Exception for Take Out Restaurant

  • Present Parties: Zhen Jin, Attorney
  • Take out restaurant use
  • Mr. Jin stated that the Zoning Code doesn’t specifically distinguish the parameters of a take-out restaurant
  • Entire Interior Renovation is needed
    • Gutted, but nothing is fitted
  • Smoothie shop with some addition of food
    • Smoothie shop could do well in summer; but needs supplement during winter for rent
    • Small bite food; tacos are proposed
  • Space will be operated by the tenant
  • Second space next door will be a daycare
  • Special Exception Concerns
    • Venting
      • No heavy cooking
      • Vent will have to be on side of property
      • Will not be constant
      • Unable to be brought through roof due to residences on second floor
    • Trash
      • Space is allocated in back of business
      • Enclosed, out of sight of street
    • Hours of Operations
      • 7am – 7pm - Proposed
      • Doesn’t want to remain open late
    • Parking
      • Across the street and next door (ACME)
      • 5-10 spaces that could be allocated with contracts
    • Signage/Lighting
      • Looking to maintain what is allowed on business corridor
  • ZBA Meeting – Wednesday, July 17 @ 3:30pm
  • Community Questions
    • There will be some inside seating - a few tables and some counterspace seating
    • Will there be outside seating
      • Attorney isn’t aware of proposal
      • Owner would need to request an additional permit
    • Daycare will be run by a separate operator
    • Access to trash
      • Proposal to make a doorway from building to access trash space in backyard
    • What is the function of area between the two properties
      • It would be helpful to have a diagram/map to show who owns/controls each property
    • This would be the only business for client
    • Customer access to bathroom
      • Customers will not access bathroom in kitchen
      • Design is subject to change and may require addition of another bathroom or separate access
    • A request for a Crossing Guard during business hours and school hours

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