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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes
March 7, 2019

City Commissioner presentation canceled

Lisa Deeley was to discuss the upcoming May elections and the electoral process.

626-28 Leverington Avenue Zoning Board Hearing Update

The Zoning Board Hearing was March 6, 2019; several Leverington Ave residents were present. Final agreement with developer for the following:
  • Existing house to remain – deed restriction agreement
  • Build of 5 houses
  • Back of house/newer addition will be demolished
  • If house is discovered to be unsalvageable, CRCA requests its own contractor to assess
  • Community agreement for landscaping, finishes on house, etc. to be consistent with character of street; with final finishes (including paint) to be represented to CRCA
  • Roof height to be 34’ and there will be no roof decks

Zoning: 4136 Mitchell Street

Variance request to modify parking, relocate trash storage and transformer pad.

Present Parties:

  • William O’Brien - Attorney


  • Original project was by-right - no variances required
  • Mr. O’Brien represents the current owner who bought it from the developer who received approval for the by right project
  • Current plan doesn’t allow for room for
    • Trash storage
    • Transformer pad
  • The newly revised proposal details the following:
    • Elimination of 2 parking spaces for more landscaping
    • A directional drive aisle and speed bumps were introduced
    • A 24’ curb cut
  • The new proposal creates a refusal for compact parking spaces as, by law, you must have a greater amount of regular parking spaces to compact parking spaces and this plan does not
  • A neighbor expressed concern regarding the amount of parking spaces for the 72 units and the grocery store which will be open to the public
  • The compact spaces are 18’ x 8’
  • There isn’t a regulation to ensure a certain amount of space between the transformer pad and trash storage. However, the transformer placement will be code compliant.
  • A neighbor stated it would nice to have the transformer visually enclosed; like the privacy fence noted behind the transformer.
  • Community was assured, to the best of Mr. O’Brien’s knowledge, that the developer will be involved in managing multi-unit property and would like to know the near neighbors
  • A neighbor asked how there could be such a flagrant design flaw in that there wasn’t an area designed for a transformer pad or trash storage. There is a belief that these items were included on initial plans and were left off of evolving plans
  • A neighbor would like to see a more detailed landscape plan for this property
  • A neighbor stated disbelief that the sidewalk is wide enough to account for walking and proposed landscaping
  • A neighbor inquired about the motivation for the developer to create this number of compact parking spaces as opposed to creating more greenspace. A request to dive deeper into the first plan (with greater green space and less parking) was requested.
  • A neighbor surmised that one of the parking spaces could be removed and trash storage put there; Mr. O’Brien stated this would mean the trash storage would be located directly below a resident window and would be an unlikely solution.
  • The property is 5 stories tall
  • There is one handicap space available
  • There isn’t any final determination regarding the assignment of parking for the property
  • A neighbor suggested that the curb cut on Mitchell Street be softened
  • A neighbor is concerned about traffic driving down a private alley between Merrick and Mitchell
  • The Zoning Board Hearing is scheduled for April 3, 2019
  • By right, without compact parking spaces, there would probably be a loss of one parking space from the proposed plan
  • There isn’t a tenant in the grocery store yet
  • A neighbor asked if the new developer could come and speak with the community; Mr. O’Brien stated he would ask his client but did not believe he would receive objection
A poll of attendees indicated all opposed.

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