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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2014

Don Simon, CRCA President, opened the meeting.

Neighborhood Conservation Overlay

The Neighborhood Conservation Overlay meeting scheduled for February 27, has been postponed. The organizing committee feels they need to be closer to the point of submitting their proposal prior to this important meeting with the City Planning Commission.

Fundraiser at the Adobe Café

CRCA will be hosting a fundraiser at the Adobe Café on Thursday, June 26, 2014. All you have to do is attend and eat and or drink. CRCA will get 25% of the receipts for the evening. Times and additional information will be available closer to the date.

439 Monastery Avenue

439 Monastery Avenue- requesting zoning for a 3 family dwelling. Based on CRCA survey results, we were not opposed.

5901 Ridge Avenue (Wendy's)

The Zoning Board granted the special exception for take-out with a proviso not permitting a drive-through. The developers/attorney have 30 days from the ZBA decision, to file an appeal.

This property obtained a permit in 2008, for mixed used, commercial/residential development. An attendee asked, what is to stop the developers from building their current plans in hopes of winning their appeal. If they start to build then lose at the state level, they will have to tear down what they have built. Per Hal Schirmer, attorney representing CRCA, historically speaking, Philadelphia courts tend to affirm the Zoning Board’s decision. Hal briefly laid out an appeal timeline. Here is one he sent to CRCA.

Treasurer’s Report

Annual Treasurer’s Report given by Gordon Cohen, CRCA Treasurer 2014 ~28K in our treasury. Income includes membership, community garden dues. Majority of our funds are from the Partnership Recycling program that ended nearly 6 years ago. Comparatively speaking, CRCA had ~35K in 2011. Our expenses include attorney’s fees, storm water bills for our two properties and insurance. To become a CRCA member, go to Membership costs $10 per individual. $25 per business member.

Energy Sense Home Rebates

Representatives from the Energy Sense Home Rebates program provided information on energy audits, costs and low rate loans. Call 1-855-PGW-SOLVES to schedule your free assessment.

"Party Houses"

Representatives from L&I and Philadelphia University were on hand to answer questions related to nuisance college student rentals and what, if anything, can be done. Illegal, greater than 3 unrelated people, living in a single family dwelling is difficult to prove and enforce, but L&I promises to investigate specific properties identified by affected neighbors.

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