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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2014

CRCA Executive Board

Ed Hotham, President of CRCA, announced the slate of officers for next year:
Don Simon, President
Sharon Crawford, Vice President
Ed Hotham, Chairman
Gordon Cohen, Treasurer
Sam Fran Scavuzzo, Corresponding Secretary
Jill Schneider, Recording Secretary

There were no nominations from the floor; therefore the slate of officers are elected.

439 Monastery Avenue

Bob Torres owner of 439 Monastery Ave. for the past 3 years, is requesting a use variance for the conversion of a former barn into 3 housing units. He has already renovated the first unit. Unit A is 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, a garage(entry from Monastery Ave), Each unit will be rented for ~$1800/month. Each unit will be two bedroom with its own washer/dryer. There will be two open air parking spots. Unit B will be on two floors with a patio area at street level.

See Site Plan, L&I Refusal and Application for Appeal.

631 Dupont St. aka Donna Court

Owners (Galman Group) have have purchased 629 Dupont St. The plan is to raze the house in order to build a parking lot to accommodate 15 spaces for use by Donna Court residents. CRCA and other parties that were involved in an appeal of a ZBA decision to grant a variance that would have allowed Donna Court parties to build a retaining wall and parking lot on the steep slope between Dupont Street and Green Lane, have signed an agreement with the Donna Court parties whereby, in essence, the CRCA parties would not oppose the construction of an alternative parking lot at 629 Dupont Street and the Donna Court parties would not build the lot on the steep slope.

Sam Goldstein, representing Galman Group, described the plans for the new parking lot.

Neighborhood Conservation Overlay

Kay Sykora and NCO group met with Matt Wysong of the City Planning Commission. They have scheduled a special meeting for Thursday, February 27th to meet with neighbors and Representatives from City Planning. The meeting time will be 7:30 pm, location TBA. The group will need volunteer surveyors to complete forms. A letter to elicit Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr’s support has been drafted.

ZBA Hearing 5901 Ridge Ave. (Wendy's)

CRCA and neighbors gave testimony at the ZBA hearing regarding proposed Wendy’s on January 8, 2014. We will hear the decision within a month. Ed Hotham thanks everyone who attended the hearing. CRCA had expected the City Planning Commission to weigh in against granting the special exception required for a take-out restaurant. However, they did not oppose it.

Ridge Avenue Business District Overlay.

It was mentioned that the Roxborough Development Corporation would like to revive the Business District Overlay.

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