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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes

May 1, 2014

Don Simon, President of CRCA, opened the meeting with “ground rules” for conduct during the presentations. He also thanked Bill Pezzello, owner of Lyceum Wellness Center, for his generous donation to CRCA.

Josh Cohen, of Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. informed attendees of the August 16th “Boot Camp: for Block Captains. The event will be in the form of a Street Festival at 59th and Upland Way on August 16, 2014. Additional information will be provided closer to the date.

An attendee asked how to appropriately deal with a property near her that has many unrelated residents who are disruptive to the neighborhood. A similar issue was recently resolved concerning 5 women occupying a home that was zoned single family (allows for no more than 3 unrelated people to reside). It took many months to resolve but persistence and patience are important. Call 911, and then call 215-685-3050 (5th District Police) the next day.

An attendee reported a “trench” on South bound Green Lane, just before Silverwood St. which is very deep and dangerous and also disrupts traffic flow. Josh stated that repaving of a large portion of Ridge Avenue will be happening late this summer (probably August).

An attendee had asked L&I to address the legality of paving front yards for parking. Curb cuts and parking pads are under the Streets Department jurisdiction. It was mentioned that some curb cuts are too close to fire hydrants. The standard is 36” from a fire hydrant. Jerry James, Manager of Building Inspectors was on hand to address any permit inspection or development permit questions.

Quality of Life and overcrowding of homes may also be addressed via L&I. Building and housing violations can be reported on-line or call 311.

5901 Ridge Avenue (Wendy's) Status

Hal Schirmer, attorney representing CRCA on the “Wendy’s/Bunting House” zoning case explained the case thus far. The Zoning Board of Adjustment granated the Special Exception for take out with the proviso that there be no drive thru. The attorney for Wendy’s has filed an appeal to Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. Hal must now submit a “brief” and present his “appeal of the appeal” on June 23-25th.

365 Green Lane

365 Green Lane presenter was a no show. Don Simon asked for a show of hands asking who was in favor of the proposed 6 homes on this site. No hands were raised. He then asked if anyone opposed the 6 home plan, many hands raised.

Presentation: 200 Levering Street

John Hunter, Architect and owner presented plans for two, attached, 3 story single homes at 200 Levering Street. The two properties were two homes at one time; then in the 1940's were combined for a business/residence. In the 1950’s the property was a Masonic Home. Mr. Hunter is requesting zoning to convert back to the two single family homes. The entrances will be on Silverwood St. and a parking pad will be on Levering St. The homes will not exceed 35 feet. An attendee commented that the proposal looked too modern and did not fit in with the current aesthetic. Others commented that they liked the design. Mr. Hunter currently lives on Terrace St. but will occupy one of the new homes. One home will be 2200 sq. feet, the second will be 2400 sq. feet.

More details are available on the CRCA Zoning page.

Next CRCA meeting is scheduled for June 5th

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