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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2014

CRCA president Don Simon opened the meeting.

5th District Police Presentation

Lt. Coruso and 5th District Police Community Relations officer Charlie Kline alerted attendees to recent burglaries on Domino Lane. People were reminded to remove valuables from cars.

The Roxborough Church food pantry is in need of donations. This pantry benefits residents in zip code 19127 and 19128.

The new head of the Police District Advisory Council, Frank Letko, urges all to contact police department for adequate enforcement in our area.

Neighborhood Conservation Overlay

The Neighborhood Conservation Overlay that will provide additional zoning protections to certain areas of central Roxborough will be introduced as a bill to City Council on November 18th, at 1pm. All are welcomed to testify.

Listening Tour

There was a “listening tour” hosted by Councilman Jones Jr., on November 5th. CRCA board member Lynda Payne attended. The Listening Tour is part of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce's "Roadmap For Growth" campaign, which is focused on job creation, economic growth and a more thriving economy in Philadelphia.

365 Green Lane

Neighbors are working with developer Todd Joseph to save the original structure.

Gorgas Park Storm Water Project

Updates were presented by a Landscape Architect. Three stages are proposed to slow the rate of storm water run-off with plantings, swales, berms, and boulders. Estimated costs will probably require the project to be done in stages. A maintenance budget will also need to be considered.

443 Green Lane Sign

Debra Valenti-Epstein is seeking support from the public for a variance she requires to replace her current sign. The size and location of the sign would remain the same. Majority of attendees were in support. More details are available on the CRCA Zoning page.

6056 Ridge Ave

Developer presented plans for new signage on 6056 Ridge Ave (Ridge and Lyceum). A variance is required. The majority of those in attendance were non-opposed. More details are available on the CRCA Zoning page.

SEPTA Citizens Advisory Committee

Angie Roach, from the SEPTA Citizen Advisory Committee, spoke and answered questions. She encouraged all to express their ideas for improving public transportation service.

Sanitation Dept

A Sanitation representative mentioned the upcoming Hazardous materials collection date: November 8th, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. There will be leaf collection this month. Check the Sanitation website for the schedule and location. He also said there are jobs available for 18-25 year olds. Sign up ASAP.

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