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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2014

Kenworthy House (365 Green Lane)

365 Green Lane has been nominated for Historical status and is now under the jurisdiction of the Historical Commission. The developer/owner Todd Joseph is no longer able to get demo permits(per Hal Schirmerís e-mail). Don Simon thanked Celeste Hardester and John Manton who were instrumental in getting the Historical Preservation nomination for 365 Green Lane.

Town Center Building signage

Andrew Langden- of Roxborough Town Center Building(Ridge and Lyceum Ave) Needs zoning variance for signage. RDC has approved the signage with recommendations to decrease the number of signs and awnings to two on each side. Lettering is to be consistent on all sides.

Roxborough Memorial Hospital parking lot

Tom Reinboth, CFO of Roxborough Memorial Hospital, presented a proposal for additional parking where homes on Walnut Lane were. Will add 47 additional parking spaces. Stormwater run off plans will be included, trees, grassy strip at the entrance. An attendee at the meeting is concerned about lighting issues. Recommends lower height of lights.


to be held Sunday, October 5th. Ridge Avenue will be closed from Leverington Ave to Green Lane for this RDC-organized family friendly event.

James Calamia, formerly Roxborough Development Corporation operations manager, is now the Executive Director.

Langden Palmer

the new pastor of Leverington Presbyterian Church was introduced.

Neighborhood Conservation Overlay

Matt Wysong and Marty Gregorski of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission presented the NCO. See enclosed handout defining NCO and the proposed guidelines. Building permit applications would require review by the Planning Commission. Because the NCO requires front porches on new construction under certain circumstances, an attendee raised the issue of whether the porch would be considered part of the 30% maximum impervious coverage mandated by the NCO. Planning Commission members acknowledged this needed to be reviewed.

Pam DeLissio

State Representative of 194th District, reminds us of the upcoming elections to be held on November 4th. October 6th is the last day to register to vote or to change your voting status for the upcoming election. Absentee ballots are due October 31st. Redistricting goes into effect on December 1st. Pam holds town hall meetings every 3 months and Tele town halls also. Her office is located at 5511 Ridge Ave.

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