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Central Roxborough Civic Association Meeting Minutes

March 3, 2016

Police Report

5th District Community Relations Officer Chris Jones and Lt. Howard presented an update on crime
  • January was a rough month, but February was much better in terms of residential burglaries and theft from autos
  • However, armed robberies are up a whopping 400% in the 5th since this time last year. One of the acts occurred within the CRCA boundaries on the 400 block of Conarroe Street. 2 masked assailants confronted a delivery driver at rifle-point and absconded with $600.
  • The officers reminded those present to remain vigilant and prevent crimes of opportunity by locking car and home doors. Lt. Howard told those interested in a Town Watch to contact Doug Evans at Integrated Town Watch.
  • 5th District Captain John Moroney addressed the crowd and talked about new police initiatives that involve meeting with local clergy and school leaders.
  • Cpt. Moroney also advised those present that, when calling 911, to always advise the dispatcher whether a crime is ongoing or “in progress.” Because 911 calls are assigned a priority code, crimes “in progress” will be given faster attention.

Treasurer’s Report

CRCA Treasurer Neil Macdonnell presented the annual Treasurer’s Report
  • In 2015 CRCA took in $872 of donations, $650 came from a fundraising event at the Adobe Café. There was a $646.91 influx from CRCA membership fees, $606 from the community garden, $93 in interest, and over $3,000 from a Knight Foundation Grant.
  • Outflows included $350 to charity, $82 in expenses, $1,450 in insurance, $825 in landscaping, and $100 Crosstown Coalition of Civics fee, and water bills.
  • In total, CRCA gained $2,475 in 2015

Zoning: 6174 Ridge Avenue

A presentation regarding a variance/special exception for a coffeehouse/performance space/religious assembly was postponed. The applicant has not yet filed an appeal with ZBA and neighbors have not been notified.

Zoning: 302 Leverington

CRCA President Don Simon informed the community that following last month’s presentation at the general meeting about a proposal to construct a set of twins with front-facing garages on a currently vacant lot at 302 Leverington, the CRCA Zoning Committee met again with the landowner. At the general meeting, most CRCA members opposed the plan with a handful of neighbors in support. The CRCA Zoning Committee opposed the proposal. Therefore CRCA will officially be opposing the request for a variance to the ZBA.

Zoning: 6160 Ridge Ave

There may be a request for a variance in the future for 6160 Ridge Avenue (corner of Krams, currently a convenience store) for what would essentially be a boarding house.


CRCA is co-sponsoring a Rain Check event on April 13, 2016 at 6:30 P.M. at Leverington Presbyterian Church. Kay Sykora informed that there would be a program to provide improvements to address watershed and runoff issues, including providing rain barrels and other improvements at no or reduced cost.

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