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Welcome to Central Roxborough Civic Association

The Central Roxborough Civic Association is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that works to maintain and enhance the qualities of our neighborhood that make it attractive to residents and businesses. CRCA provides a forum for neighbors to learn about and give input into issues that affect the community such as land use and zoning, safety, and environmental and economic sustainability.

Central Roxborough Civic Association is a Registered Community Organization (RCO) serving the Central Roxborough community.

Please join us. You can join on-line or fill out and print our membership form.

CRCA meets on the first Thursday of each month, except July and August, at the Leverington Presbyterian Church at Ridge and Hermitage streets at 7:30 PM.

Come to meetings and find out what's happening in your neighborhood! Make people aware of your issues or concerns.

Roxborough Community Assessment Survey

Masters program students at Temple Unuversity are conducting a survey as part of a class project. Its purpose: "Our goal is to speak with as many people who are part of the Roxborough community as we can with the purpose of recognizing strengths, community cohesion, and possible challenges that work together to make Roxborough a thriving community."

Next CRCA Meeting Thursday, March 1, 2018, 7:30 PM

Police Report

5th District Community Relations Officer Scott will provide an update with regard to local crime and initiatives spearheaded by the Philadelphia Police Department.

Zoning: 468 Gerhard St

More details on our Zoning page.

Good Shepherd Mediation Program

Representatives of the Good Shepherd Mediation Program will talk about processes by which interpersonal and community conflicts can be resolved peacefully. The Good Shepherd Mediation Program, established in 1984, is a neighborhood justice center located in Philadelphia. People in conflict come to the Mediation Program to resolve their disputes through mediation. Its mission is to empower Philadelphia community residents to creatively search for meaningful and lasting solutions to their conflicts without resorting to crime or violence. Learn more by visiting their website at www.phillymediators.org


Students in the Master of Social Work program at Temple University will give a brief presentation about their research interests and distribute a questionnaire designed to better understand the needs of people in Roxborough and the resources available to help address them.

Earned Income Tax Credit

Are you eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)? Approximately 190,000 Philadelphians received an EITC refund last year, however, there were still almost 40,000 eligible Philadelphians who did not. With an average refund of $2,400 per return, approximately $100 million is being left on the table in Washington, D.C. every year. As a result, the Mayor, Councilman Allan Domb, the City’s Revenue Department, the Urban Affairs Coalition, Ceiba, Campaign for Working Families, Pathways, and Utility Emergency Services Fund are teaming up to bring awareness and offer several sites for free tax preparation. Information on EITC eligibility is available at the website www.YouEarnedItPhilly.com or Text “FILE” to 99000 through April 17, 2018.

Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition

The Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition is a coalition of Philadelphia civic associations which have united to advocate on a non partisan basis for quality of life issues and to share resources, best practices and economies of scale for the benefit of the Coalition and of its member organizations. Visit their web site to read more and sign up for their newsletter. CRCA is a member of the Crosstown Coalition.

Changing Skyline: Fighting the suburbanizing tide in Roxborough

"That village-in-the-city quality is what locals love about the quirky Philadelphia neighborhoods that hug the long ridge that follows the river..." Read the article by Inga Saffron, Philadelphia Inquirer Architecture Critic

Roxborough Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Signed by Mayor!

The Central Roxborough Neighborhood Conservation Overlay has been passed by City Council. On December 11, 2014, Special Assistant to the Majority Leader, Josh Cohen notified us that "The NCO just received final passage unanimously by the entire council." Mayor Nutter signed the bill on 12/19.

The Central Roxborough NCO is intended to protect the existing walkable character of Central Roxborough. Thanks to all those who put in many, many hours of work to make this happen.

Conservation Overlay News Coverage

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Oct 4 Roxborough Review

Lower Northwest District Plan

See status of the Lower Northwest District Plan (East Falls, Manayunk, Roxborough).

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